Birthstone Chart


January – Garnet
Garnets represent healing, protection, strength, heart, passion, constancy, and truth. Garnets are a great addition to evening wear.

 February – Amethyst
The Amethyst is thought to bring stability, strength, peace, healing, and inspiration to its possessors. This tranquil color is a great look with bright whites or pastels.
 March – Aquamarine
The Aquamarine is known for its spiritual properties. Some people believe that wearing this stone brings out intuition, sensitivity and even one’s inner spiritual side. This light blue shimmering stone goes well with pastels.
 April – Diamond
Diamonds are a symbol of success and love. Many people give diamonds to express their love and commitment. This birthstone also symbolizes faith and is thought to ward evil from its possessor. Diamonds make a striking addition to any wardrobe.
 May – Emerald
Emeralds are thought to be lucky in love, offer good fortune, and bring tranquility to the soul. They also represent fertility and rebirth. These beautiful green stones look best worn with bright colors.
 June – Pearls
Pearls worn by brides on their wedding day are used to accent the bride’s beauty. They bring life to love and display the inner beauty of a person. People believe wearing pearls will restore a person’s youth and strength. Pearls go well with gray tones and pastels and add flare to business wear.
 July – Ruby
The bright red Ruby is a symbol of passion, glory and brings freedom from care. The fire in the red accents both bright colors and black wardrobes.
 August – Peridot
Peridot displays kindness. Many believe that while wearing this stone you are protected from all that is evil. This glimmering green is a great addition to a wardrobe of earthy tones and soft pastels.
 September – Sapphire
The Sapphire is a precious stone believed to bring hope and romance in relationships. Wear this stone with cool colors and evening wear.
 October – Opal
Opals are thought to have the power to reveal all of one’s moods and emotions. With so much color and fire within it, people feel relaxed and more confident when wearing it. Add an opal to earthy tones and soft colors.
 November – Topaz
Topaz is said to have been a gift from the sun. This stone has a unique orange to yellow color and is believed to uplift one’s spirits and cheer up a bad mood. Wear Citrine with pastels and gray tones.
 December – Blue Zircon
Blue Zircon is soothing and thought to be a cure for sleeplessness. Wear this bright blue with bright whites and pastels.